Bed and Cafe Concept Hotel in Thailand
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Designed around the concept of Bed and Cafe, Kokotel offers the ideal abode for families, assuring them of maximum comfort at affordable prices.
"We are Friends and Families serving Friends and Families"

Special Offers

Family-Offer Promotion

Kokotel Family Offer

From: 1500 THB/Night
Exclusive privilege for family travelers.

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Book Now, Get 5% Off (MAR05)

From: 1200 THB/Night
Book now and get 5% off on direct bookings.

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Early Bird Offer

From: 1800 THB/Night
Book in advance and get 20% off on direct bookings.

Our Properties

Facade Hotel Bangkok Surawong 3 qgau4o

Kokotel Bangkok Surawong

Situated in the heart of Bangkok, the hotel attracts a majority of tourists and travellers who are on a shoestring budget and looking for a place for gatherings and reunions.

Kokotel chiang Mai Nimman

Kokotel Chiang Mai Nimman

When you are looking to fit in the crowd and understand the culture and lifestyle of Thailand, choose our property in Chaing Mai, situated in the trendiest spot of the city.

Kokotel Phuket Patong

Kokotel Phuket Patong

Situated by the beach, this hotel in Krabi is an ideal stay choice for your vacation with friends and family. Closely accessible to local farms, this Kokotel hotel lets you experience an interaction with the locally grown crops.

Kokotel Krabi ao Nang

Kokotel Krabi Ao Nang

Phuket, a destination which brings out the impulses and adventurous side of you, invites you to choose us where we provide an affordable hotel, without compromising on the satisfaction of a pleasurable stay.

Kokotel Krabi Oasis

Kokotel Krabi Oasis

Walking distance from the beach, find a perfect place to relax and get away from the monotonous humdrum of your everyday lives. Travelling solo or with a group, we ensure that your stay is a delightful one!

Kokotel's Story

Right after visiting Kokotel, you can see the whole storybook of Koko in Kokotel, one of the most uniquely designed hotels in Thailand.

Work With Kokotel

We are Friends and Families Serving Friends and Families with a personal touch and delightful experience.


propertymanagement at kokotel

Let Us Manage Or Lease Your Property Now

We are looking to expand our portfolio of hotels, with our management and leasing models, across the region. For an optimum return on your investment, we encourage our management model. Whilst you can enjoy a stable return by leasing out your property to us.