Koko Couple

30 sqm

The Koko Couple Rooms are perfectly fitted for anyone who come in couples, providing you with a comfortable king-bed size. The rooms are equipped with all necessary amenities to comfort you.

Koko Mate

30 sqm

Our signature Koko Mate Rooms are equipped with twin beds. The rooms are for anyone who come in pairs, or even alone, you can enjoy our comfy twin bed.

Koko Family

40 sqm

Koko Family Rooms are coming with a comfy king-bed size, allowing you to lay down and enjoy your rest. The 40 sq.m. rooms are perfectly fitted for family with a child or group of friends.

Koko Party

30 sqm

Our Koko Party Rooms are best matched for family or friend groups. The 30 sq.m. rooms are equipped with twin beds and our unique bunk bed that can only be found at Kokotel.