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Living in Hotel, that's a small luxury life we want.
Only 11,000 to start a comfortable & cozy stay in Silom.

  • Koko Couple Standard : 11,000.- / month
    Creatively designed room suits for solo stay.
  • Koko Family: 11,000.- / month
    A room with separated beds zone & working space.
    No need to worry about the working space.
What's special for hotel life in kokotel
- No deposit in advance required
- Electricity & water fee is included
- Linen & Towels changed twice a week
- Food & Beverage 25% OFF at cafe in kokotel

Book by 30 June 2021
Limited number of rooms are available for at this price.
Location: 7 min walk to BTS Chong Nonsi, 1 min walk to AIA Thailand
map: https://goo.gl/maps/5ZQ6wNERmFepg4sR8
First step to start your life in hotel, contact us via FB messenger or...
LINE: https://lin.ee/2vxkVuAYk
Email: sales@kokotel.com
Call: 02-02-3218 (reservation)