Rooms For 4 At A Price Of 2

The most wholesome combination is that of comfort, convenience and superior services. Kokotel Bangkok Sukhumvit, presents its 5 categories of rooms and suites, namely - Koko Mate, Koko Couple, Koko Couple Superior, Koko Party and Koko Suite. The rooms are spacious, well-maintained and equipped for a blissful holiday experience in Sukhumvit.

Koko Mate Room Kokotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 3

A minimalist's dream room - this subtly designed living space is perfect for a refreshing holiday close to the sea.

Koko Couple Room Kokotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 3

Simple living personified - the couple's room at the hotel is an ambient space to unwind and relax.

Room - KKS50

An airy and well-appointed room for couples and honeymooners visiting Sukhumvit.

Party 2

A space crafted for fun and entertainment for the adventure-seeking travel enthusiasts in Thailand.

Koko Suite Kokotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 4

A spacious and comfort-inducing suite that comes with an immaculately decorated living room.