Kokotel’s Concept

We Are Friends & Family Serving Friends & Family

Kokotel started as a small, 40-room hotel and café in Bangkok, Thailand. Even today, we welcome many guests from around the world with wholehearted hospitality.

Kokotel is the name inspired by some Japanese words which well-represent Kokotel concept. The most important word is “Kokoro (heart)”. This is a symbol of our commitment to provide heart-warming service with Thai hospitality and Japanese quality. Whether you come with close friends, or family to enjoy a fantastic trip, we can take you beyond just sightseeing and eating great food. We help you discover and share wonderful things about yourselves.

Kokotel s concept

For example, when friends or family members lodge in the same room in a ryokan, a Japanese traditional inn, they talk about everything that they fancy.
They also enjoy friendly banter with the inn's proprietress during meals. That's how precious moments are created.

Koko's Promise

Our Commitment - Things we foster

Kokotel s commitment

“Hospitality, comfort, safety and great sleep” with reasonable price.

Kokotel s commitment1

An opportunity of "Communal Experience" with friends and family by creative design and service.

Kokotel s commitment2

“Wow (surprise!)” that guests would like to talk with their friends and families after they go home.

Koko's Problems

Challenges We See - Things we are thinking

As we live in a fast-changing world, friends and family seem to spend less time together in traditional or unconventional settings.


Shortage of choices for guests

  • “Bad and cheap” hotels only especially 3-star hotels in Southeast Asia.
  • No “family hotel” available, although there are many “family restaurants” that provide reasonable and comfortable food and service to families.
  • Less personality (only criteria to differentiate is price difference).


Supplier logic” and “Conventional master-servant relationship”
  • Always “1 room for 2 people” only, although you can choose a car for 2 people to a car for 8 people.
  • Always having a lobby at ground floor. Is that good for guests?
  • Having a conventional sense of “master-servant” relationship, which is not a modern age norm.


"Quality time among friends and family" is decreasing throughout the world
  • The world is moving toward protectionism and countries are becoming more inward. This is weakening relations between different nationalities and ethnic groups.
  • Emphasis on the values of nuclear families and the individual is getting stronger.
  • There are fewer opportunities for large families and friends to spend time together.

Koko's Challenges

Our Brand Mission - Meaning of existence, and Dream

We try to change hotel & café restaurant industries beyond barrier of social and country level issues.

Kokotel s Mission1

To change "Shortage of choices for guests"...
  1. Standing on a customer’s point of view.
  2. Always asking ourselves on how we can provide “HIGH-QUALITY SERVICE, SAFETY, COMFORT, CLEANLINESS”.
  3. Realizing with reasonable price by forming the "OPERATIONAL TEAM", mix of Japanese and Thai with conducting innovative hiring and training, that will move away from the conventional common sense of the industry.

Kokotel s Mission

To change “Supplier logic”...
  1. Standing on a customer’s point of view.
  2. Always asking ourselves on how we can create "A SPACE FOR COMMUNAL EXPERIENCE".
  3. Realizing with creative and innovative architecture and design by forming a "TEAM of ENGINEERS, ARCHITECTURES, DESIGNERS" with a sense of humour.

Kokotel s Mission2

To change “Conventional master-servant relationship”
  1. Standing on customer’s point of view.
  2. Always asking ourselves on what kind of "DISTANCE, TRUST and RESPECT" we should have among staffs and with guests.
  3. Realizing with the motto of “Friends and family servicing friends and families” by forming "KOKOSTAR and KOKOCOOK" with a lot of smiles.

Kokotel s Mission3

To change "Decrease of Quality time among friends and family"...
  1. Standing on customer’s point of view.
  2. Always asking ourselves on how to create "WOW" surprises that would exceed guests expectations.
  3. Strengthen the bonds of families and friends throughout the world by "EVERYONE" who works at Kokotel.