Kokotel’s STORY


Introduction of Koko and her family
Koko (Girl's name)
Koko (Girl's name)

A little lamb with a warm heart who loves hospitality.

Otouto (Koko's little brother)
Otouto (Koko's little brother)

Can make a toy out of anything, a true playroom genius.

Koko's mother
Koko's mother

There is nothing she can't cook, a master of the kitchen.

Koko's father
Koko's father

The builder of the group, he can lift really heavy things.

Let us show you a little bit, "The wondrous hotel of Koko and her family"
Picture Book1
In a hotel called Kokotel in the south, there lives a cute little lamb. Her name is Koko. Together with her father, her mother and her brother, she greets all the guests who stay at the Kokotel Hotel and dine in their café. But why are Koko and her flock so welcoming to the customers there? Well, that's a little secret that I am going to share with you today.
Picture Book2
It all started a little while ago in the winter time. Koko and her flock lived in a cold place where it would sometimes snow. And it was very hard to find food. So Koko and her flock lived in a little house made by humans, and ate the food which the humans gave them. Koko and her flock had a lot of friends there, and they gave their fluffy wool to the humans in thanks for the food. They were very happy, but even in their little house they were cold and shivering. "Let's find a warmer place to live!" said Koko.

And so, Koko and her flock set out on an adventure to find a new home.
Picture Book3
"I'm sure we will find somewhere wonderful, a place where we can all live together",

said Koko's father as they headed to the south. In the south it was warm and the trees there shone a glimmering green. They found themselves in a city with lots of buildings and colorful cars driving around. They looked high and they looked low, but they couldn't find any other sheep. Koko's father searched as best he could and found a small house, but it was falling apart and had no power, no tables and no chairs.

Koko and her flock started to worry, but they decided to try their best and thought of their human friends back in the north.
Instead of lights they had oil lamps with a flickering flames dancing inside, and they made table and chairs from the boxes and barrels lying around.
Picture Book4
So then it was time for Koko's father, the builder, to show everyone what he could do. First he built some lamps and made their little house as a bright as could be. But under the new lights, a single table with just four chairs looked so lonely in such a big room. So Koko's father gathered up all the leftover wood from the crates, the barrels and the doors, and with a bang, and a pang, and a slam of his hammer, put them all together. In no time at all, Koko's father had built some wonderful tables and chairs.

"With this we will always have a place to sit and eat, even if friends come to visit," said Koko's father.
故事还在继续... 但让我们在这里停下吧。
Picture book cover

就在来到 Kokotel 之后。

你可以在 Kokotel 看到完整的 Koko 故事书。请向员工咨询吧。
Kokotel's Mission
Kokotel's Story'
Kokotel’s STORY
Kokotel 是 Koko 和她的家人开辟的地方。 你可以放松下来,享受家一般的感觉。 请查看她们的故事。
Work with Kokotel
加入我们。 你的 "灿烂笑容" 可以牢牢联结世界各地的朋友和家人。
你可以收到 Kokotel 不同季节的声音,以及合理的促销信息。
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