When you come to Chiang Mai, one thing that you shouldn’t miss is travelling to temples in old town areas.
In Chiang Mai, there are many beautiful and precious old temples that is so worth to visit. Some visitors go to temples just to see arts and culture through the architectures and paintings while some visitors go to temples to make merit and pray for their believes. Whatever the reasons they go to temples I think all are good!!
From Kokotel to old town area is not far so we choose to travel by bicycle. It’s very easy to rent and it makes us closer to local people, can see their life style and be healthy!!

Renting a bicycle in Chiang Mai is super easy

Travelling by bicycle in Chiang Mai is easy. There’s an application named Mobike. Mobike’s bicycle are noticeable and outstanding by their unique look in orange. They are parked randomly by users in Chiang mai. You can find their location by the application or you can come across them on footpath. They are able to be used just unlock the bike in the application. When finish, you just park it anywhere, not need to return to the beginning point. So today we decide to try Mobike starting from Kokotel Chiang Mai Nimman heading to old town area.

The most revered temple in Chiang Mai

First temple we arrive in old town area is Wat Phra Singh. Many tourists come here to pay respect to Phra Buddha Sihing which is the most sacred buddha image in Chiang Mai. That’s why this temple is always full of visitors. After this temple we go to Wat Chedi Luang. Here is also an important temple to Chiang Mai city since ancient time. At the front there’s an sanctuary and behind its is the biggest Pagoda in Chiangmai built more than six hundred years ago but some of the top part was fallen down by earthquake about five hundred years ago.

Saturday night market (Wua Lai Road) after tired day

Not far from Wat Chedi Luang is my favorite temple, Wat Pan tao. The whole sanctuary was built by teak. This temple is smaller than other famous temple but there are also many tourists. It might be because its own unique style and difference create charming. After Wat Pan tao we go to many temples around here and realize that it’s evening time. We want to have some snacks, food and souvenirs for families and friends so we ride the bikes to Wua Lai road (Saturday night market). It’s a very long road, full of stalls on both side of the road. They sell food, drinks, handmade and creative local things and so on.
I highly recommend you to follow my travelling path today. Let’s pack you back and recharge our life in Chiang Mai!!

Name: Wat Chedi Lunag
Open: 06:00 - 17:00