Next to our Kokotel Krabi Ao Nang, welcome to the “Friend Art Gallery”, a reproduction and portrait shop where you can purchase any inspiration as well as order a new paint of yourself. The artists with his colleges and wife run the shop by themselves which was firstly operated in 1971 and became much bigger than it was. The word “portrait” is a genre in painting, where the intent is to portray a human. In the past portrait is only done for kings, rich and powerful people but for today portrait paintings can be commissioned to anyone from government to individuals.

Fine shop with professional artists, the paintings speaks and gives inspiration – walking distance from our hotel

Leaving the hotel and walk to the right toward Ao Nang beach, it will take only a few minutes to reach the painting shop. You will be noticed by the signs “Friend Art Gallery” anyhow, the most attractive thing is the painting. There is no way for you to move your eyes away from those fabulous painting without notice that you have arrived the shop. Looking through the shop you will see couple artists, the owner and a lady who is the owner’s wife. When, I reached there I saw a man wears purple T-shirt with a dreadlock hairstyle who is a local (Krabi) artist, painting a picture of female celebrity.

Looking through the paintings, the whole stories inside!

Inside the shop, I met the owner whose name was “Sun”. He said he works here as an owner as well as an artist also. The shop has around 7 artists who seldom visit the shop and start painting. Most of the time those artists go out to find inspiration and relive ideas.
“We stay here together like a friend/ family that support each other as well as have fun together” the owner said.
The painting has the cost due to it takes a lot of afford, time and creation to do so. The cost of painting is up to the size, quality and materials used which is starts from 1,000 Baht to 200,000 Baht! That was so shocked but anyhow, those painting were very attractive even I bought one of the picture at 2,000 Baht. Therefore, my recommendation is not to stay there for too long if you do not have a plan to buy otherwise, you will pay unplanned. On top of that, if you want them to paint a new picture that you like or a picture of yourself, you can do it here but it will take more than 2 days to finish depending on the size of the paints.

I paid for the Joker that containing with an inspiration

“Every person has only one life of 24 hours a day for living and doing things. Some focusing too much on works, some may be putting themselves in others’ shoes…but putting too Much! And, some may just sleep all day. Please be happy and create life like you want to be because it is your life so you have right to make it as you want” the artist mentioned and I paid. The problem is I do not know where I am going to put the painting, my room is small!

I was totally joking you all about do not come to this shop! If you have a free time or want to see something really catchy, please come to the shop. You do not have to buy the paint like I did, just enjoy yourself with the arts there.

OPEN: Everyday
Phone: +66(0) 8069 5113-4
Address: 143/16 Moo 2 Tam Bon Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang, Krabi, 81180, Thailand