Sawadee Krab!!
I’m Shin, working as a marketing intern in Kokotel.
Even though live here for more than month, there are too many things that I still do not know.

Here in this blog, I am going to introduce you really local lifestyle of this country “Thailand”.


Colleague 「Let’s have lunch at “Tent”
Shin「Hm.. Let’s go! (However, what’s “Tent”…?)

Just followed them and 3 minutes later.

Ah. This is the “Tent”.
What we call tent here is a place which streets foods get together covered by the tent.It’s more like a cafeteria for everyone, especially for office workers to enjoy lunch.

Here they have about 10~15 shops and most of them are popular with workers.
OK. Let’s walk around to see what they have here.

As I could see, they have…
-Kway teow (Thai noodle)
-Pat Thai (Stir-fried Thai noodle)
-Rat na (stir fried rice noodle, egg, and vegetables)
-Kau Gaen (Rice with soup or a variety of curry)
-Pat Kra-Prao (Rice with fried basil and chicken/pork)

Here is everything.
Just follow your heart to choose what you eat.
Ok. Let’s try 2 popular Kway Teo shops today.

Entry #1 Normal type Kway Teo, run by kind Elderly Couple
Just tried “Yen Ta Fo”.

Oh my god…. What’s this super picky pinky sauce…
Anyway, I just put this shocking pinky soup into my mouth.

It was …. Sour, a little bit spicy, or sweet?
It’s totally difficult to explain this taste in one word.

As I continued eating, it turns out to be more and more delicious for me.

It turns out to be that this shocking pinky sauce bring out the potential of the based soup to make such a yummy masterpiece.

Absolutely, it is going to be my favorite for a while.

Entry#2 A shop with a scent of roast pork.

Ordered Bami Kyaw Moodean Haeng for the 2nd dish.

Bamii noodle was well mixed with tom-yam base sauce. This spicy taste stimulated my appetite to keep me eating one after another. No longer than 5 minutes, I’ve done.
Be careful.Tom-yam, it’s sometimes too spicy for you.

Not only local, but BIGINNERS!!!

This is my first time to come to “Tent”.
Here I had a good experience lunch at open space with Thai local atmosphere.

It’s true that you can take streets food in Food court in the department store with almost the similar price.
Isn’t it boring? Are you really satisfied with that?

Even you do not know how to read and speak in Thai, it’s totally nothing.
As you are coming to the real state of Thailand, why don’t you try lunch with feeling the authentic Thai culture.
It’s much more than eating Thai food in low price!

Please give it a try!!

See you next time

PNY Market (ศูนย์อาหาร P.N.Y.)
OPEN: Monday-Friday 10:00-14:00
Phone: None
Address: 131/81 Santiphap Alley, Khwaeng Si Phraya, Khet Bang Rak,
10min. by walk from MRT Sam Yan Station