Hello everybody!! Meet me again!!

This time I am at Kokotel Krabi Aonang with nice vast sea and blue sky. It’s time put your feet up because I’ll take you to an island at “Railay Bay”

How to go to Railay

Here in Aonang, tour booths are found all every corner on the street but high price. We are Insiders so we will go with the local and the cheapest one. It’s “Long tail boat service co-operative” established by local people so the prices are reasonable. Boats are available all day from 7.30am-6.00pm. Staffs are very helpful and friendly.

start from Kokotel, walk down to the sea, the booth will be on the corner or notice “Soi Aonang 17” sign At the booth, there are many choices of island we can explore. Today I will take you all to Railay because it’s the closest island, only 15 minutes by boat and only 200 baht per person for the return tickets. If anyone has a limit time to travel I recommend this place. You will not be disappointed!!

After buying tickets, staffs will take you to the pier. We will travel by long tail boat like this Gorgeous view from the boat Here I come Railay!!. Please come to the same area when you want to get back

Fun activities at Railay

At Railay, I recommend you to go Kayaking. It’s only 200 baht per hour. Lucky me that today the weather is very nice. I can feel breezing wind and warm sunlight to my face plus paddling slowly on the sea with huge mountain view help soothing my mind a lot.

Relaxing time One more activity I will do is go to the Viewpoint. Due to the way up there is rock steep so you have to climb up. You should prepare a nice pair of sneakers or climbing mountain shoes. I apology that this way is not suitable for small children and elderly but don’t worry, you can see photos here in my blog. Come with me I’ll show you the wonderful view of Railay!!

This is the start point, notice by the single rope It takes about 20 minutes climbing, fight!! Finally I made it! I am at the Viewpoint . Up here you can see magnificent panorama view of Railay. The left Bay is west Railay, the right bay is east Railay.

If anyone is looking for a place that easy to go by boat, travel by yourself and your beloved ones within a few minutes from mainland…GO HERE “RAILAY”, KRABI !! WORTH IT!!

Bye Bye wonderful “Railay” I had a very great day today. Then, after this you should pack you bag now and go go go!!

Long tail boat service co-operative
OPEN: 7:30am-6:00pm

Railay beach