The wonderful story of Koko Family

Hello everyone! This is Smile! Today, I will take you into the deep story of Kokotel...must be fun! There were some obstacles and difficulties before the beautiful scene that you all are seeing today. All stories will represent in Koko Family Book. Author, character design, story, were created by me.

Let's go into Koko's story

Here I come to Kokotel, located in Surawong Road.     Here it is "Kokotel Gallery". We have many souvenirs such as umbrella, T-Shirt, and new Koko Family Story Book.   Glad to have a chance to introduce you our Koko Family Story book.     We provide 3 languages, English Japanese and Thai.    

Introduction of Koko's Family

Koko's family has 4 members. Koko’s family find some good location and try to develop it. Koko's mom loves to cook healthy food to all of members.     Koko's father builds a wonderful slider to enjoy quality time together.     After Koko's family help each others to develop Kokotel, they can spend quality time with friends and families.   You now interested in Koko and her family's story right? If you want to know more, please feel free to meet us at Kokotel. See you!! Kokotel Bangkok Surawong OPEN: 24 hours open