Sawadee krub everyone.
I am Shin from Kokotel.

I was recently thinking of “How to make the best of my life in Thailand”, “What can I enjoy the best in Bangkok but not in other countries”.
I came up with one sentence. Bangkok is the city of “Food Oasis”.
Many people think that when you come to Thailand, you should eat delicious and authentic Thai food.

It’s true. But this is not enough.
Actually, Bangkok is one of the most visited cities by foreigners from everywhere, and here we have so many restaurants with authentic cuisine from all over the world.
As you see the research on Asia”s best restaurants of 2017, you can find 9 restaurants to be nominated.
Do you want to eat Japanese sushi or ramen? Or Italian? French? Chinese?
You can choose everything here . I guarantee you can find your favorite restaurant you would like to visit again even if you go back to your country.

Here is the right place to enjoy the rich food life, I strongly believe.
If so, why not search what you want to try here now??

This time, I just thought of what I do not often eat.
And I just googled…

So easily, I found nice one close to my place.

Quality guaranteed for authentic Indian Food for everyone everywhere

Here I came to “Indian Hut”.

Interior is luxury and atmosphere was so gorgeous.
Since it was after 9;00p, the restaurant looked like a place privately reserved for me.
(At that time, I was really afraid that I could really pay for the dinner…)
As this is my first time to come to Indian restaurant, I just asked recommendation to the waiter.
So nicely, he suggested me many types of dishes and I chose some from them.
No longer than 10 minutes, I have got a first plate.

Find something new to you in your food life

This is “Dahi Vada”, a typical snack know as a kind of street food in India.
It is fried flour(Vada) and yogurt(Dahi) with sauce on them.
Tasted a little bit sweet at the first bite, but sour of yogurt come to the next to make a good combination in the mouth.
This was my first encounter with the recipe using yogurt.
I like it every time that I find something new when I try unfamiliar cuisine restaurant.
After this I just keep enjoying delicious plates one after another without any stops.

Tandoori chicken

Delicious smell with Indian-like spice kept me eating without any rests. The chicken meat was tender and very easy to eat for everyone.

Butter Chicken Curry with Garlic Nan

As soon as the curry arrived at our table, the good smell drove me again to snap at them. As I took into my mouth, the taste was far from I imagined.
Although the curry looks spicy, it was creamy and mild taste.
A slice of nan emphasized a well-balanced taste of curry with body that spreads in the mouth.

An embarrassed moment in the restaurant.

After we clear all menus, they gave me a cup of water with a slice of lemon.
I just thought that is for refreshing and I was to drink it.

And then…
Waiter ( No! This is for washing your hands!!!)
Shin (……Gosh!!)
How embarrassing I am !!

Build your relationship with a restaurant manager

One shot with a Indian Hut restaurant manager

As a total, I had a remarkable time in Indian Hut.
Of course, every single food was very delicious and fresh for me.
What I found important here is not only food but also the quality of customer service of the restaurant.

Here, waiters and even restaurant manager is always taking care of us and enjoying conversation with us.

Good experience comes from the best combination of quality food and guest relations.
As you are the person who is responsible for own experience, why not trying to make your experience better?
Maybe you can start with asking recommendation of their restaurant.

Let*s discover “Best 〇〇〇 restaurants in Bangkok” and enrich your life.

See you next time !!

Indian Hut Restaurant
OPEN: 11:00-23:00 (Every day)
Phone: 02 236 5672
Address: 414-420 Suriwongse Road, Next to Ma Hotel (Manohra), Si Phraya, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500