Today, we from Kokotel came here in Krabi for business trip.
From me, let me introduce you how Krabi is look like.

Why we should visit Krabi now

At first, do you know Krabi and where it is located?
Of course, everyone knows Phuket and where it is.

Krabi is consisted of mainland part and several islands. Krabi is not far from Phuket and we can move to each place by ship easily taking about 2.5h.
Mostly we use airplane from Bangkok and this take only an hour.
Nowadays, it seems there are increasing numbers of direct fly from all over the world.
Such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijin, Shanghai, Helsinki and Warsaw.
I can say that now it is a very good time for you to come to Krabi.

Sunset at Ao Nang Even though there are a lot of famous resorts in Thailand, such as Phuket, Pataya and Hua-hin, why people do visit Krabi.

This is because they know Krabi is a hideaway for us to enjoy the calm environment with full relaxation.
Unlike other resort places, here we will not be annoyed by the crowds of the people, bad transportation and too expensive fees.
Only 30min from the Krabi International Airport, you can find a nice and calm place with beautiful ocean and hills.
For the sea-bathing, you can stay at Krabi as a hub and visit islands with magical landscape.
In addition, Krabi is known as a sacred ground of Rock Climbing.
Here you can also enjoy not only the beach but also climbing the hills.

Let”s move out to explore Krabi

Walking through the Ao Nang main street, you will find several lovely shops.
It is said that everything is expensive at resorts but here I found fees are not as high as others.

One thing caught in my eye was this

Bamboo tubes decollated with small parasols and the flowers. Once I found this, I gave into impulsive spending on it.
With this bamboo tubes, you can take several kinds of cocktails or fresh juices.

I ordered lemon squeeze juice and drank.
Compared to normal ones I take, I felt it was more delicious and fresher.

And I thought, “There should be a secret inside the bamboo”.
Then, I asked a beautiful saleslady in the front.

Shin “Why do you use bamboo?”
Saleslady “There is no reason. Just only for decorations”
Shin “O..kay, thank you…”

Sometimes we think much about something but guess totally wrong.
It’s ok. This bamboo was good enough to attract me.
This is how people brush their ideas to sell things.

I promised I would come back to have dinner at this Italian restaurant.

One shot with saleslady This time, I did not have time enough to take you around Krabi, but our Kokotel mates had already researched here for you!
You can get to know more of this beautiful place, Krabi through articles in our same websites.

We will continue updating hotspots here for you!
Keep an eye on us!

See you next time.

Azzurra Restolante Italiano – Pizzeria
OPEN: Mon - Sat: 11:00 - 23:30, Sun: 16:00 - 23:30
Phone: +66 75 637 848
Address: 142/1-2, Ao Nang Beach rd., 81000 Ban Ao Nang, Thailand