Fried Dough – It’s similar to Chinese Pastry, but more round and flat. In China, it’s called “Huang Gua Pae” or “Saoping” but in Thailand, we call it easily which is “Fried dough”. The name is from method of making it.

What is Fried Dough?

This shop has been producing Fried Dough more than 30 years. It is very famous among people who grew up in Bangrak area. The outstanding point of this Fried Dough is the fillings are not too sweet, good combine with the well thick dough which is not too thick or thin. So it is so good harmony in every each bite.


The shop is on the right hand side about 200 metres from the entrance of soi “ Trok Mor Petch Mor Ploy ”. Open from around 11.00 am, the closing time depends on how well of selling on each day.

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