Very Best FOOD
"Dorayaki of Thailand"

Fried Dough – It’s similar to Chinese Pastry, but more round and flat. In China, it’s called “Huang Gua Pae” or “Saoping” but in T…… Read More>

How to enjoy “The city of Food Capital, Bangkok”
Sawadee krub everyone.
I am Shin from Kokotel. I was recently thinking of “How to make the best of my life in Thailand”, “…… Read More>
What Thai local really eat? Tried lunch in local Cafeteria.
Sawadee Krab!!
I’m Shin, working as a marketing intern in Kokotel.
Even though live here for more than month, there …… Read More>
Taste of Tea
Hello everyone, my name is Chop and this is my first review on a product, tea that can be found in walking-distance from kokotel…… Read More>
Local bakery shop, famous more than 50 years on Silom road “Ama bakery”
Hi, I am Korn, a marketing staff member of kokotel. Today I would like to suggest you about a local bakery shop on Silom road. I…… Read More>

Very Best of Surawong

Recommended spots around Kokotel Bangkok Surawong.

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