Hello girls, recently there are a lot of new beauty products, we need to keep our beauty trendy!! Today I want to recommend heaven places for you all. These places are Thai shops but full with beauty items from over the world. Well, I won’t say much, get your purse and follow me!!

Bargain price and all beauty items in one place

The first shop is “EVE AND BOY”, well-known for bargain price and plenty of beauty items. It’s now very popular among Thai ladies so they are opening more and more branches. Today I am taking you to the latest branch where is in Siam Square One, LG floor.

This branch is so huge, you may come with your wishing lists but who can bear cosmetics? You will get more than your lists, believe me!! Especially when they have promotion, the price will be much cheaper than other shops.

Yes!! I told ya but hold on, these are from only 1 brand!!

Inside the shop, apart from make-up items, there are also hair care, body care, nail care, beauty accessory, perfume, etc. I can say that you come only here we can get beauty items from head to toe. You can choose by your desire (or your money) with wide range of brands. Not only from Thai but Japan, Korea, China, Europe, America and so on.

Japanese, Korean, other Asian brand Also European, American brand I love being in perfume world

Rare beauty items are in here

Keep following me!! We can get more of beauty. There is another interesting shop in the next building Centerpoint of Siam Square, the shop named “Beautrium”

Don’t be confused, the shop is on both sides of the walk way when you enter the Centerpoint of Siam Square building

This shop is mostly about drugstore cosmetics and skin care. BA is so attentive and give good advice on every products we wonder. Some brands that are difficult to find, we can found them here. When they have promotion, the price is also very cheap.
Most of shops will launch promotion in different period of time. Check them out before shopping!!

A lot of rare and cute items Cheap but good serum for spotless and brighter skin

How are the things above? These are only some parts of the both shops!! So when you go there don’t forget to spare your time for hours because you will lost in time in the heaven of beauty items.

Today I send you here and after this I will have a look on some lips sticks, get some good products back home. Please wait and see what I will come up with the next article.

See ya!!

EVE AND BOY, Siam Square One branch, LG floor
OPEN: 10.30 am – 9.30 pm
Phone: 02 022 4888

Beautrium, Centerpoint of Siam Square branch, G floor
OPEN: 10.00 am – 9.00 pm
Phone: 02 623 4109