Today, we’re going to travel at Krabi. When we talk about beach and sea in Krabi, one place that we should not miss is “Aonang Beach”. The beach is very close to Kokotel, only 3 minutes walk. Plenty of interesting shops and restaurants. In this Area, there are a lot of islands around the mainland where are very beautiful and its shape looks strange more than other beaches.

Interesting ancient story of Aonang

I have heard ancient story of Aonang and want to share to you.
“In an ancient time, there was a beautiful lady stayed at a castle by the seaside where was not far from Fossil Shell Beach Cemetery. Since she was a beautiful lady so a lot of men were interested in her but she was not interested in anyone. One day, a man came from Hua Kwan island requested a love from her, but she rejected him. So that he used his force hope to get her leave with him. Luckily, a man from Nak island passed there so he helped her in time.

Then, she was impressed with his brave so she decided to get married with him. On the wedding day, other men were angry and wanted to destroy the ceremony and wanted to get the lady to be their own. That time, an anchoret staying in a cave knew this chaos so he tried to stop but nobody listened to him so the anchoret gave a spell to everyone to be stones. The beautiful lady turned to be a Nang cave, men are Hua Kwan Island, Por da Island, Hngon Nak Mountain, Hang Nak Mountain, gifts in the ceremony turned to be mountain in front of the cave, rice stick in the ceremony turned to be Fossil Shell Beach Cemetery.”

Different time different feeling

Ao-nang Beach is always full of travelers all the time

In the morning, You can walk to get wind of sea and be happy to see the sunrise.

In the afternoon, most people like to take sunbathe on beach and some people like to play sport by the sea.

In evening, some people like to walk along the beach and have some activities with their family.During this time you can see beautiful sunset.
These are not all of the beauty and fun story of Ao-nang, Krabi. If you want to know more, please come to feel the beauty and fun by yourself. They are waiting for you to explore!!

Ao Nang Beach