Hi, I am Korn, a marketing staff member of kokotel. Today I would like to suggest you about a local bakery shop on Silom road. It is famous in this area more than 50 years called “Ama bakery”. There are always a lot of people in front of the shop waiting to buy warm and fresh bread. The bread is made day by they so the quality and taste is always fresh. Some kind of fillings are sold out quickly by only few hours from the open time.


The highlight is fresh bread dip with Egg custard (orange one) or Pandan custard (green one). They are soft, smooth, good smell, and not too sweet. These are my favorite of all bakery!! Not only the custard is delicious but I guarantee other fillings are also great for example; tuna, shredded pork, ham-cheese, sausage, mushroom etc. There are more than 10 menus!!!

ONLY 10 MINS from Kokotel Surawong Bangkok!

I truly recommend “Ama bakery”!! You’ll not be disappointed. The shop is easy to find. Only 10 minutes from kokotel or Chongnonsi BTS station. Notice with Sri Mahamariamman temple or Wat Kheak, then look at the corner of “Pun” road. You can see only one shop that full of people. Yes that one, couldn’t be wrong!! Today, I say good bye with these yummy bread. Next time I will come with good information to you all again, bye bye.

Ama bakery
OPEN: Monday-Friday 08:00-16:00 Saturday 08:00-12:00
Phone: 02 635 2278
Address: 745, Silom (Near Wat Khaek), Bang Rak, Bangkok, Silom, 10500